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Colombia – Chosen in the United Kingdom as one of the Top Countries to Visit

Thanks to the travelers’ choice, Colombia won the silver medal in this year’s awards granted by the tourism magazine Wanderlust.

After comparing their tourism destinations in 2013, readers of the British magazine Wanderlust decided to name Colombia the second “best country” to visit.

The award ceremony was held in London during the Times Destinations Holidays & Travel Show, where every year Wanderlust announces the contest’s winners in addition to the cities, agencies and airlines that are also awarded.

“Colombia’s positioning as a tourist destination in the United Kingdom has changed, and this award is proof of it, placing us among some of the main options for travelers in that country”, claimed the President of PROCOLOMBIA, Maria Claudia Lacouture.

In 2010, Wanderlust chose Colombia as the “best emerging (tourist) destination”. Back then, the contest's rules included a user satisfaction rating determined by the most avid travelers in the U.K., according to the magazine's website.

While in 2010 a total of 20,760 travelers from the U.K. arrived in Colombia, in 2012 that number increased to 23,760 travelers; that is 13% higher according to the Immigration Department of Colombia. Between January and October of 2013, 21,724 U.K. visitors arrived; 12.5% higher than the same period in 2012, with 19,311 travelers.

PROCOLOMBIA, the country’s international tourism promotion office, carries out activities in the U.K. to endorse tourism across Colombia, including the products of adventure (diving), culture (archeology, capital cities, heritage destinations, fairs and celebrations), nature (birdwatching, general), and sun and beach.

The brand of "Colombia is Magic Realism" conveys to the world the blend between reality and fantasy that provides visitors with unique experiences in the country. To promote the brand, PROCOLOMBIA participates in international fairs, destination promotional activities, collaborates with wholesalers and travel agencies, among other activities.