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Audiovisual media
The Audiovisual sector participates in the development of cinema and television content. Colombia is an interesting locale for international producers and television stations due to labour superiority, great locations and the class of Colombian directors. In addition, the growth of hotel infrastructure in Colombia has attracted interest from large production companies to work in the country.
Colombia is one of seventeen countries in the world identified as mega diverse because it is home to a large portion of the planet's biodiversity. It features a variety of ecosystems including snow-capped mountains, moors, valleys, tropical rainforests, deserts and access to two oceans.

World Audiovisual Exports 2004-2013
US$ Millions FOB

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Spain, the United States.

Business Opportunities


  • Film, TV series and adverts
  • International studios with offices in Colombia
  • Infrastructure in different locations

Competitive factors


  • Highly skilled local talent.
  • Geographic and scenic diversity.
  • Climate diversity all year round: snow, cold, moors, warm and hot regions.
  • Low production costs, particularly for accommodations, food, locations, transportation and travel. Specialized local talent, extras, equipment and all kinds of studio (television, sound, recording, etc.) rentals.
  • Tax incentives for coproduction with local companies with certain tax returns such as VAT as provided by law for the promotion of export services.