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Why is Colombia a good tourist destination?

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Colombia is a megadiverse country with a variety of tourist attractions: from its history reflected in its colonial architecture and our indigenous communities, to the incredible biodiversity of its nature settings represented by 3,595 animal species and 41,000 plant species. Spectacular fairs and fiestas giving expression to our traditions are celebrated all year round in Colombia, not to forget its exquisite regional cuisine. As asserted by many foreigners: “Colombia is, without a doubt, the best kept secret”.

  • Situated in the northwest corner of South America, it enjoys a strategic position as the midpoint in the Americas, and it is the only country in the subcontinent with coasts on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.
  • A great variety of hotels ranging from the spacious and luxurious to modern accommodation, typical haciendas amidst the vast coffee plantations, tourist lodgings on natural reserves or by the sea, and boutique hotels with all the charm of the 16th century.
  • More than thirty years experience as an events' host with a wide variety of convention centres, exhibition centres and conference halls with first-class technology and logistics, guaranteeing successful events. The most recent International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) rating ranks Colombia 32nd as a host for international events.
  • The friendliness and warmth of the Colombian people are qualities tourists will find all over Colombia.
  • The most captivating scenery to enjoy nature. Colombia has 53 million hectares of natural forest, 22 million hectares of flat grasslands, desert land, snow-capped mountains and wetlands. Colombia ranks fourth in the world in water resources.
  • With its annual carnivals, parades, dances, comparsas [traditional carnival dance and music] and cavalcades, Colombia is an ideal destination for the entertainment and merriment of the world's tourists.
  • Thirteen places recognized as World Cultural Heritage sites by the UNESCO can be visited in Colombia.
  • Colombia's multiculturalism and its varied topography make Colombian cuisine yet another attraction to discover.
  • Three locations on the Caribbean where cruise ship visitors can disembark to discover the beauty of the Colombian Coast, sample the best of the local cuisine, visit historical sites and go shopping.
  • Colombia's beaches are lapped by the magical waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. There are world-class attractions such as coral reefs, ecological parks, aquariums, marine museums and ancient walls, among others.